Part of being a kid in Chicago is rocking out with kindie-folk favorite Electric Neil Firstenleit a.k.a Mr. Singer.  Electric Neil leads the wildly popular bi-weekly sing-alongs at Lincoln Park Zoo, he taught Wiggleworms for 12 years at the Old Town School of Folk Music, and now city kids can jam with Electric Neil in a whole new personalized way at his own musical funHaus: LeitHaus Studios Chicago!

Electric Neil is known for his colorful getups, warm personality and upbeat original music. He shares it all here at the LeitHaus. Group music lessons introduce kids to the essentials and get them excited about expressing themselves through music-making with their folks and friends. Expect an energetic whirlwind of call-and-response sing-alongs, movement and hands-on instrument time. Kids can select an instrument from the LeitHaus Wall Of Sound —acoustic guitar, ukulele, banjo, or synthesizer —and create their own World Of Sound! Sometimes there’s even an added bonus: our beloved Kerry Appleberry, who joins the fun and sweetens the sounds.

LeitHaus Group Music Classes

45-minute mixed-age classes for children ages 6-months to six-years and their caregivers are held weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Learn by doing! Electric Neil AKA Mr. Singer, a locally loved kids' performer and educator in his award winning music classes. With the energy to excite young minds and a relaxed teaching style Mr. Singer leads class on guitar and harmonica while highlighting featured instruments every week: Autoharp, piano, drum set, and electronic instruments. Children and grown-ups bond through singing, dancing, and playing rhythm games together. The classes are so much fun, the junior tunesters won’t even realize they are learning the fundamentals of music!

LeitHaus Group Guitar Lessons 

Weekly 45-minute guitar classes for children 3.5 to 7-years-old and their caregivers.

The ABCs of guitar with a focus on fun. Guitars-in-hand, children learn the parts of the guitar, the names of the strings, how to strum and, when ready, how to play chords and simple melodies. Written materials are provided to help adults guide children at home.


SUmmer Session Starts 6/27

Tuesdays 8 wks 6/27 to 8/15 9:1510:15 & 11:15 a.m and 3:15 p.m

 Thursdays 8 wks 6/29 to 8/17 9:15, 10:15, 11:15 and 3:15 p.m.

 Thursdays 8 wks 6/29 to 8/17*4:15 p.m. Guitar for ages 3.5 and up

8 week session rate: $160 for the first child $135 for each additional child. Siblings under 6 months are free.

Early Enrollment for the Fall 2017 8 or 16 week session is also available

16 week session discounted rate: $288 for the first child $244 for each additional child. Siblings under 6 months are free.

Additional information and policies


Mr. Singer is excellent! We could not be happier with him. My son is in love with him and his class, and because of him our son loves music . Neil has a natural and genuinely loving rapport with the children. Being a teacher myself, I realize what a gift he has for teaching children!

The boys pretend-play with new instruments introduced in class (mandolin, etc.) and emulate Mr. Singer’s kind, warm and patient instruction with each other at home. Their curiosity is being nurtured, and we see an appreciation for music and different instruments being instilled.

We have taken music classes with a least 3 different instructors through the past 4 years and this class was by far the best. Mr. Singer is much more as a music teacher he is also more flexible in meeting the children’s spontaneous needs. This is the first music class that my children have attended that I felt like they were being taught music foundations without them even knowing it.

We just LOVE, LOVE Mr. Singer. The boys adore him, and come home from class excited about music and instruments. But the best part is that they bring home his attitude: they love pretending that they are Mr. Singer teaching the class, and what is reflected is patience, kindness, and an inclusiveness of all students in class, big and small.